Jack Goes To The Movies: "House Of Gucci" --- A Dynasty Laid Bare

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November 24, 2021
by Jack Poessiger
House Of Gucci
United Artists Releasing
United Artists Releasing

Looking for another adventure in the Marvel or DC universe this holiday week?
Then trust me when I tell you that this isn't your movie!

MGM's "HOUSE OF GUCCI" instead is the highly anticipated melodrama behind the world's famous Gucci-brand empire.
It is described as a "lurid tale of money, power, ambition, family, betrayal, sex, high style and murder."
And let's not overlook the mob which became part of the equation......
But then again this big-screen story is 'INSPIRED' by true events.
('Inspired vs. 'Based on'? You figure out the difference.)

Famed director Ridley Scott here has assembled a cast to kill for.
Lady Gaga in her first return to the screen since "A STAR IS BORN." She plays Patrizia Reggiani opposite Adam Driver as her husband Maurizio Gucci and grandson of the founder of the Italian fashion dynasty.

The tabloids loved their lavish globe-trotting lifestyle.

'Things'---and life itself became ever more complicated. And when a Maurizio business trip turned into a fancy for another woman, what was the wife to do?
Plot for his demise, of course. A contract killing which would eventually put all participants behind bars.

A soap opera you say?

Frankly it is much more than that. Especially considering the film's terrific supporting cast including the likes of Al PacinoJeremy Irons, an almost unrecognizable Jared Leto and Salma Hayek.
The movie's long running time of 157 minutes sure doesn't seem like it. Ridley Scott keeps things moving...and then some.

"HOUSE OF GUCCI" has also been called "an acting clinic with everyone's prowess on full display."
I couldn't agree more.
Will there be Oscar nominations? I would (almost) bet on it. Especially for Ms. Gaga.

This movie can best be described as a guilty pleasure. So why not partake of it as it hits theatres this holiday week.
No superheroes here. Just the life and times of the rich and famous set against the backdrop of a woman shunned.

"HOUSE OF GUCCI" is rated 'R' and opens in wide release.
My take: 4 out of 5 Ticket Stubs.


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