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Advance Ticket Sales for May. 3 – 7

Advanced Ticket Sales
May 5, 2021
Walt Disney Studios
Walt Disney Studios

Cruella (DIS)
  • Tickets may go on sale anytime starting Friday, May 14
  • Starting Thursday, 5/13, you may start loading showtimes in preparation for Friday, 5/14’s Ticket Launch. If necessary, you may start loading showtimes Wednesday, 5/12.
  • Showtimes MAY be visible/greyed out (with a vague “Check Back Later” message) but must NOT be purchasable at this time.
  • IMPORTANT: DO NOT promote or indicate on social or digital media exactly when tickets are going on sale until Friday (5/14) 6:00 AM PT/9:00 AM ET.
  • Early showings may begin Thursday, May 27 at 6 PM

  • Tickets may go

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