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Nov. 24 – 28: Thanksgiving Weekend Could Gather Lots Of Audiences At Movie Theaters

Predicted Films
Kyle Brester
November 23, 2021
by Kyle Brester
Ghostbusters: Afterlife
Sony Pictures
Sony Pictures

Thanksgiving weekend is back for movie theaters, as the majority of them will have three new releases for the holiday weekend. Naturally, one of them is a Disney animated movie called Encanto. Disney usually does very well with their movies being released over the holiday, and this one should be no different. Families will probably make sure to use one of the five days to head to the theater and see this one since it's an exclusive theatrical release and will not be available on Disney+.

United Artists will also the long-awaited
Encanto - Walt Disney Studios
House Of Gucci
House Of Gucci - United Artists Releasing

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