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Marketing Notes for Mar. 29 – Apr. 2

Marketing Notes
April 1, 2021
Wrath Of Man
United Artists Releasing
United Artists Releasing

  • "Unholiest" Videos w/Copy Available
  • "Voices" Videos w/Copy Available
  • "Holy Weekend" Videos Available
  • "Follows" Video Available
  • Tik Tok Videos Available

  • Character One Sheets Available

  • One Sheet Available
  • One Sheet Social Media Artwork Available
  • Publicity Stills Available
  • Downloadable Trailer Available

  • One Sheet Available

  • One Sheet Available
  • Motion One Sheet Available

Voyagers (LGF)
  • "Character Intro" Video Available
  • Get Ticket Banner Assets Available

  • Character One Sheets (Instagram Size) Available
  • One Sheets (Instagram Size) Available
  • Tickets On Sale Web Banners Available (Do NOT start using them until 4/9)


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