Jesse Plemons Will Finally Get What He Deserves After Accepting Lead Role In Upcoming Scorsese Film

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February 18, 2021
by Kyle Brester
Warner Bros./Paramount
Warner Bros./Paramount

You may not know the name Jesse Plemons, but you probably would recognize him in a movie or show of some kind over the last 20 years. From appearing in movies like Judas And The Black MessiahBlack Mass, Game Night, Bridge Of Spies The Master, and Battleship to television roles ranging from Friday Night Lights all the way to Breaking Bad and Black Mirror, Jesse Plemons is a master at disappearing into roles in some of the best entertainment. I'd personally consider him one of the best character actors working today, and always quietly pump my fist every time he appears in something I'm watching. So when hearing yesterday's news about his next role, I shed a tear of joy.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jesse Plemons is now set to star in Martin Scorsese's upcoming film Killer's Of The Flower Moon. Yes, the character actor is now going to headline the film instead of playing a supporting role like he normally does. Plemons will now be playing the good guy lead that was originally given to Leonardo DiCaprio. But due to major script changes, DiCaprio will now play a supporting role, along with Robert DiNiro. This casting decision comes after Plemons recently worked with Scorsese in Netflix's The Irishman.

The major script changes are one of the reasons why Paramount sold the film to Apple in the first place. Per THR: “Paramount felt [the character change] turned the film into a moody and less commercial character study. … Once Scorsese and DiCaprio revised ‘Killers of the Flower Moon,’ Paramount empowered DiCaprio’s longtime manager, Rick Yorn, to shop the project.” So between that and the film roughly costing about $200 million, it's understandable why Paramount sold it to Apple. Hopefully, Apple will give the project a traditional theatrical release for it.

The project will be an adaptation of the book Killers of the Flower Moon: An American Crime and the Birth of the FBI, which tells the true story of murdering the Osage people to avoid them inheriting oil profits after the oil is discovered on their land and the FBI's investigation of the murders.

To sum things up, I'm very happy to see Jesse Plemons in a lead role, and I especially hope that Apple gives this a full theatrical release to show lots of people a fascinating true story and showcase a terrific actor.
Jesse Plemons (right) - 'Judas And The Black Messiah'
Jesse Plemons (right) - 'Judas And The Black Messiah' - Warner Bros.
Jesse Plemons - 'Game Night'
Jesse Plemons - 'Game Night' - Warner Bros.
Jesse Plemons - 'Hostiles'
Jesse Plemons - 'Hostiles' - Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures

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