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Weekend Box Office Predictions for Nov. 8 – 10

Predicted Films
Erik Gjetmundsen
November 7, 2019
by Erik Gjetmundsen
Lionsgate Films
Lionsgate Films

Four major releases are coming this weekend as studios are trying to get an early start at the pre-Thanksgiving crowd: Doctor Sleep, Last Christmas, Playing With Fire, and Midway. While Doctor Sleep is expected to do the best of the bunch, Last Christmas may be able to bring a sizable crowd of couples to its side. 

As a sequel to The Shining that's releasing four decades later, it's easy to see why Doctor Sleep might be highly anticipated. However, as is a running trend with 2019, I'm personally expecting a more lukewarm reception....
Doctor Sleep
Doctor Sleep - Warner Bros.
Last Christmas
Last Christmas - Universal
Terminator: Dark Fate
Terminator: Dark Fate - Sony

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