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Advance Ticket Sales for Nov. 22 – 26

Advanced Ticket Sales
November 24, 2021
West Side Story
Walt Disney Studios
Walt Disney Studios

Beginning Monday, November 29th – Preparation for Launch
• Starting Monday, November 29th, you may start loading show times in preparation for
Tuesday, November 30th Ticket Launch
• Show times MAY be visible to consumers any time before the Monday 6:00AM
PDT/9:00AM EDT launch
• Tickets may NOT be purchasable any time before the Tickets on Sale launch

Tuesday, November 30th – Tickets on Sale
6:00AM PDT/9:00AM EDT – Tickets Go On Sale
• Prior to 6:00AM PDT/9:00AM EDT:
  1. Show times may be visible/greyed out (with a vague “Check Back Later”message) but MUST NOT be

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