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Marketing Notes for Nov. 15 – 17

Marketing Notes
November 6, 2019
Charlie's Angels
Sony Pictures
Sony Pictures

'Charlie's Angels,' 'Ford v. Ferrari' & More

This fun, sexy, action-packed latest edition to the popular series sports an appealing female cast and director.  With sort of a Mission: Impossible flare the film appears to be a great date movie for the Thanksgiving holiday season.  Seek local out-of-theatre promotion with merchants tying in with the movie-themed clothing and beauty products.

A great cast, true story, action-packed auto racing, and early excellent reviews suggest a holiday hit.  While the target audience is primarily male, Damon and Bale should help
Charlie's Angels
Charlie's Angels - Sony Pictures
Ford v. Ferrari
Ford v. Ferrari - Walt Disney Studios
The Good Liar
The Good Liar - Warner Bros.
The Warrior Queen Of Jhansi
The Warrior Queen Of Jhansi - Paramount Pictures

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