ZaboFish...Cash-Back Mobile Rewards

ZaboFish is the first instant “cash-back” rewards app for both Apple and Android mobile devices. No more silly points - just easy to use cash-back! The ZaboFish mobile app is easy to use for patrons and exhibitors and is affordable.

Patrons are confused with point-based loyalty programs. “What are my points worth?” “Where do I find them?” “What do I get?” “What…a free bag of popcorn?”

The ZaboFish "cash-back" rewards program gives instant cash-back to patrons for everything purchased at the theater from tickets to concessions and even rewards their accounts with "cash-back" the very first time they load their accounts with spending money to use at your theater! And “cash-back” is understood by all consumers.

Exhibitors can fully customized their ZaboFish app with rewards and membership levels depending on their market. Patrons can choose from different membership levels, including a free level. All memberhsip levels come with an instant "cash-back" reward that ranges from 2% to 10% or more.  Exhibitors can now compete with anyone with a real rewards that are valuable and that patrons can appreciate!

Forget the points. Get Hooked on CASH BACK!

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