US Weight

Marissa Wagley
4594 E Radio Tower Lane
Olney, IL 62450, United States
618-392-0408 ext. 4246
US Weight is known for their innovation, quality & service. They manufacture stanchions to fit everyone's needs and budgets, making these every day in Olney IL. Whether you are wanting a chrome & rope stanchion for a more elegant detail or a heavy duty stanchion for an industrial design, they've got you covered. USW takes it a step further & not only offers great looking products, but innovations behind each product with substantial benefits. Their stanchions have a patent, Sta-Straight technology, requiring no tools to put the product together & assembling in 5 seconds or less. The ChainBoss is perfect for outdoor use, having an integrated chain storage system within it to keep chain stored away when not in use.

Expanded product offerings such as stanchion carts, wall mounts & signage were added with you in mind. US Weight understands the importance of visual safety barriers to control a crowd or keep them from entering a certain area & is here to help.

We are excited to be exhibiting another year at Cinemacon & want to show our appreciation with a coupon! This code will take $25 off $200+ orders in April. Send to

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