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Amanda Cunningham
Service/ Engineer Associate
7445 Dean Martin Dr.
Las Vegas, NV 89139, United States
Without selling one additional drink at your bar you can increase your bottom line by effectively reducing your costs.  Many bar managers/owners look to reducing costs in such areas as “over pouring” using one of the many pour control devices available on the market.  Not only does this reduce the over pour factor but it can discourage theft by the bartender offering a “free drink”.  Managing a bars labor costs is probably the most looked at cost on the expense report.  Whether it’s union or non-union, the cost of labor can be the difference between success and failure.  Controlling labor costs and controlling liquor measurement is vital to holding onto as much of each sales dollar as possible.  I know what has been said here is something that every person reading this article knows already.  What I also know is that there is a product being manufactured by Smart Bar USA here in the USA called SmarTender.  The SmarTender effectively reduces labor costs, controls the pour accurately per the desired recipe. It does not over/under pour and it works 24/7.  Each drink is poured consistently in under 5 seconds.  This automated cocktail system is the answer to your bar needs!
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