RoboLabs LLC

Moscow, , Russian Federation
A leader in the fun-food category, RoboLabs is widely known for their line of hot air RoboPop Vortex Popcorn™ machines for medium to large venues as well as the RoboJetFloss, their one-of-a-kind Vertical cotton candy machine.

When any of their RoboPop models are combined with their RoboSugar or SugarLips caramelizers, they provide a complete solution for production of gourmet cheese and caramel corn; with both made from fresh ingredients and also prepared with high levels of automation.

RoboLabs is truly dynamic and innovative food-tech company, manufacturing a wide range of equipment focusing on three key segments: Fun Food, Fast Food, and Professional Restaurant Equipment.  Their home office is located in Moscow, Russia. Through their regional offices and dealers they are currently exporting equipment to 35 countries.

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