RadioBoss 2-Way Radios

Adam Smith
Sales Manager
28 Baiting Place Rd.
Farmingdale, NY 11735, United States
RadioBoss 2-Way Radios is a worldwide supplier for two-way radios, headsets, and more.  Specializing in chains, we offer same day shipping, 24 to 48 hour repairs.  RadioBoss offers hands-on customer support so any location can call us directly for orders, repairs, troubleshooting, general questions, learning about new products, etc. 
As security becomes a concern more than ever, RadioBoss carries many different security tools that work in combination with your handheld radios such as Callbox for delivery doors (also good for birthday parties), PA system for mobile public announcements through your radio, base stations, panic button systems, and more.  We can match existing radios and even have you trade them in.
In addition, we carry the RadioBoss Torchcam which is a flashlight/DVR combo.  Let this flashlight also serve as a video/audio recording system to capture piracy in action, injury incidents involving customers (ex - slip and falls).

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