Market Square Happy Snacks Food Company

Andrew Winick
President & CEO
444 Old Skokie Rd
Park City, IL 60085, United States
Happy Snacks® animal crackers are a healthy alternative snack. Our combination of better for you, better tasting and better price is driving concession sales on the 40% of ticket buying movie goers that do not make a candy or popcorn snack purchase during their visit to the cinema.

Happy Snacks® vanilla and chocolate animal crackers have demonstrated strong sales results in cinemas:
•Given that greater than 40% of movie goers purchase no movie theatre snacks
•Given the underlying shift in snacking trends
•Given that the Top 25 Box Office movies are overwhelmingly family centric
Smart concession operators are recognizing the opportunity to diversify their candy selection with our items, thereby capturing meaningful incremental revenue on snack sales that otherwise would not have been generated with their status quo concession sets.

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