Founded in 1956, Jaymar is one of the most important manufacturers of upholstered furniture in Canada. With our strong reputation in the household furniture sector, we bring our expertise and knowledge to offer large-scale manufacturing of luxury recliners for movie theaters. Our chairs are assembled in our ultramodern factory of 150 000 ft2 located in Terrebonne, Quebec. Our devoted team works toward designing the perfect chair that will meet all your needs. Jaymar works in close collaboration with many well-known chains and provides the finest custom products at an excellent level of quality and price. Let us offer you our wide range of covers, recliner mechanisms and configurations along with various accessories. Thanks to our partnership with D-BOX, Jaymar produces recliners with the motion technology recognized all over the world as the ultimate immersive movie-watching experience. Jaymar specializes in manufacturing luxury recliners to offer complete privacy during movies and full-service dining from a swivel tray table.

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