CinéDigital & ICE

Ciné Digital Service is specialized in the development of software solutions designed for cinema owners: CinéDigital Manager (TMS), CinéDigital Display (Digital Signage) and Ciné Office (ticketing system).
After CinéDigital Manager Mobile Applications, CDM Mobile and CDM Remote, with which you can control TMS from everywhere, discover Ciné Office, the new ticketing system. Much more than a point of sales, Ciné Office is a global management solution for movie theaters, fully integrated with CDS existing software solutions.
Manage day to day operations like box office, concessions, inventory management, loyalty programs, business management, accountings, human resources and statistics with a simple and intuitive yet powerful management tool.
This innovative software is a cloud based and secure solution with no CAPEXinvestment: no  server nor software license to buy.
Hardware installation is made simple with the possibility to use existing equipment.
Ciné Office is a solution ready and compatible with online sales.
Ciné Digital will also showcase ICE, the premium movie theater that allows moviegoers to embrace a unique sensorial experience.

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