Advanced Specialty Lighting, Inc.

Harwood Heights, IL , United States
Advanced Specialty Lighting (ASL) designs and manufactures precision optical products for the entertainment, industrial and scientific markets. Applications include commercial cinema projection, slide projection, skytracker, architectural spotlights, stage and studio entertainment lighting, follow spotlights, video projection, military guidance, medical, solar simulation, microscopy, and graphic scanners.  Our products include a wide selection of cinema Mercury-Xenon and Xenon short arc lamps ranging in wattages from 150W to 10000W and we continue to expand our product offering to meet your needs.
With over 30 years of experience, Advanced Specialty Lighting, Inc. continues to be recognized as a global leader in innovation, quality, and performance.  Our design and manufacturing experience, together with corporate investment priorities in new technologies and state of the art equipment, is our primary focus for our short arc lamps product line.

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