Clark Film Buying

Verl Clark
PO Box 10517
Bozeman, MT 59719-0517
With over 40 years and two generations of experience in our office, Clark Film Buying's passion lies in the service we provide our clients.

At our core we provide a trusting partnership built on communication. We strive to present the clearest picture possible to the clients when making their booking decisions. We try to answer any and all questions regarding the booking process and are mindful of the client’s knowledge and experience when make booking decisions.

To facilitate communication we have strengthened our relationships with the film companies. This allows us close lines of contact with the studios and direct results for the clients. Because we book for over 400 screens in a variety of locations across the United States we offer distinct insight and benefits while providing a booking experience that is personal.

All this comes together in our cutting edge online database. Clients can access their bookings, invoices and film company payment information from any location. Our site is geared for every need of the client on the go. We pride ourselves for bringing technology to the booking process in a mobile, easy to use manner. We feel this service goes above and beyond the normal booking experience for our clients.
Clark Film Buying

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